PETA Opens Fire On Sea World Slave Trade

Do killer whales have rights under the US Constitution's 13th Amendment? PETA says so, and they are in court suing Sea World to break up a 'slavery' ring of Orca killer whales.

A federal judge took the idiotic case back into his chamber for 'consideration'. No doubt to have a raucous laugh and to take a dump.

PETA’s lawyer, Jeff Kerr, said after Monday’s hearing that it was a “historic day,” marking the first time a court considered the question of whether animals can be enslaved. Sure, sure, historic. Not.

“There are boundaries to legitimate constitutional debate,” said Theodore Shaw, a lawyer for Sea World. “And PETA’s complaint has crossed those boundaries.” PETA crosses the boundary of human sanity everyday it wakes up and doesn't ask itself why it exists at all.

Shaw said the suit is “utterly lacking in legal merit,” adding that the 13th Amendment banning slavery referred to “persons,” and not animals. Ya think?

Sea World correctly characterizes PETA's waste of court resources as an offensive publicity stunt.  Sea World is being kind, PETA is a running nose staffed by malcontents who seriously need to be confined to a small perimeter inside a mental institution.

PETA equating Negro slaves with the large ocean predators is apparently okay with NAACP - silence.

If ever there was an example why court and legal costs should punish a losing plaintiff, this is it.  PETA should pay Sea World a lifetime supply of sardines to feed the Orca's after they lose this one.

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