Justice Breyer Machete Robber Arrested

Being mugged on your own property at machete point has to suck big time.

The 73-year-old Justice Breyer, his wife Joanna and several guests were robbed by a pair of machete-wielding males inside their Nevis Island vacation home earlier this month. The thief got away with $1000. Until today.

Police said 28-year-old Vedel K Browne turned himself in after he saw his face plastered on TV, and after he came to realize he tried to rob a US Supreme Court justice. Now Vedel faces 20 years.

 In 2004 a group of young males assaulted Justice David Souter as he jogged in DC. In 1996 a male snatched Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's purse while she was out walking with her husband and daughter in DC.

Advise to those willing to mug the elderly staff at the Supreme Court in this way - at least find out who is on the court you idiots...the FBI exists solely to go after morons like you.  Side note. Breyer was appointed by Bill Clinton so maybe Vedel was racially profiled?

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