Broken Courts Fail To Jail In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a violent, crime ridden city. Cities over 500,000 population ranked the most dangerous are Detroit, Wash DC, Baltimore, Memphis, Dallas, Philadelphia in that order.

The court systems in these cities are broken. How? Overloaded with criminal work and jaded in regard to crime they are reduced to revolving-doors on crime.

Case in point. John Gassew, 25, was arrested and released 44 times without a single conviction or a day of jail time. Gassew is not 'one-off' in the city's system where nearly two-thirds arrested with violent crimes escape conviction.

Gassew was on his 45th armed robbery, pistol whipping and beating a convenience store clerk nearly to death when police spotted him. The pursuit ended with Gassew crashing his truck into a tree. Gassew opened fire, police shot him four times, crippling his right arm, and blinding him in the right eye.

Gassew posted his broken body on Facebook after waking in the hospital in a vain attempt to garner sympathy. Finally, the courts convicted him and sentenced him to 32 years behind bars.

When courts fail to act, guys like Gassew run rough over innocent citizens, unmolested.  Is that justice?

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