Rasmussen: 59% Catholic Disapproval Of Obama

Rasmussen Reports this morning that Catholics have taken notice of Obama's shocking attack on religion now rating his disapproval at 59%. In recent polling, Jews have also taken a dim view of Obama's remarks in regard to Israel.  Orthodox Jews disapprove of the failed president by 72% margins. And 4 in 10 Jews in general disapprove of Obama.

Jews supported Obama in 2008 as did Catholics by wide margins. Whether the angst felt by these two voting blocks remain negative through the election remains to be seen.

For now, Obama seems to be cruising along on the latest jobs report.  Obama is trying to set a tone of 'recovery' and 'progress' knowing full well himself that no such recovery is in play. Privately he admits it will be two years or more before a possible recovery can take place in jobs, housing, and debt reduction.  But it will be up to voters to figure out the truth - a task they usually miss.

Meantime, gas prices are rising at a record pace again. National prices are over $3.50 very early in the driving season. Many are predicting the price to rise above $5 nationally. Voters will not be able to miss that event.

Israel and Iran will eventually tangle. At a time Obama and Panetta are busy dismantling the military. And eventually voters will see the jobless rate rise again because the net job losses continue to mount.

Timing is everything. The backdrop of disaster is as present now as it was when Obama took office. The big question remains, will the curtain draw down in time for voters to see through Obama's dog and pony show... 

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