Tweeting Oprah On The Outs

Oprah Winfrey got spanked trying to resuscitate ratings at her failing cable network OWN by broadcasting a plea on Twitter and violating Nielsen company policy. Tsk Tsk Ms. O,  no-no-no.

Oprah panicked as her ratings plummeted even lower during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Who wants to watch Oprah when they can tune into the Whitney Houston train wreck on the Grammys?

Oprah's plea tweet, 'Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Nielsen box.'  Twitter followers accused her of  'being desperate'.

Nielsen also noticed and the tweet was deleted, Ms O said, 'at the request of Nielsen', which prohibits clients from attempting to influence ratings.

Oprah is riding a rare loser and she is getting testy.  Oprah and 'failure' uttered in the same breath? Oprah's presence on screen along with her being in control full-time is not turning the corner on the ill-fated Discovery Channel show.

Oh well. Maybe Obama can find a job for her before he too is fired.