Jews And Catholics Flee The Fold

Jews and Catholics are part of the liberal base.  Obama has been 'eating his own young' by abandoning Israel, rebuking its conservative leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, and crushing the Catholic Church's first-amendment rights over Obamacare mandates.

The obvious outcome from Obama's self-destructive anti-Israel and anti-Catholic stance is to lose their support. Good.

The Pew Forum on Religion report out last week shows the 52-point Jewish vote Obama got in 2008 has dropped to 16 points. Democrats are in denial, of course, and claim Jews are well controlled and will toe the party line.

Why Jews are so liberal remains a massive mystery.  The GOP are the most ardent supporters of Israel.  And most hard-core anti-Semites are Democrats.  Wake up!

How will Catholics transform their anger into action?  Though all religions are affected by Obama's attack on the first-amendment, Catholics are the most affected since they employ so many non-Catholics in their various enterprises.  Will Catholics revolt - or will they roll-over and take it?

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

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