Madonna Fans Beg Netanyahu: Hold Iran Strike

Madonna's rock show in Israel is on May 29th. Fans in Israel are using Facebook to ask PM Netanyahu to hold off the strike on Iran until after the show.  Gotta have a little fun before Armageddon.

Israeli Madonna fans' fears are not unwarranted. A long list of artists are bailing out on Israeli shows in the last minute over war fears.

Iran has stuffed much of its weapons-grade uranium in a new, deeper, heavily fortified bunker in a 'secret' place only the Israeli's know about. This is the biggest reason Israel must act sooner rather than later. If Iran can protect its nukes, Israel will be doomed in the longer run.

The rock fan plea is an interesting one. There is a precedence for worry, in the past, other rock concerts have been cancelled just prior to other wars started by the Arabs. So this reaction makes sense.

In related news. Hillary is rattling her saber again this time it's Syria.  Hillary is a proxy for the limp-penised Obama on such matters. The duo have run an illegal war in Libya, and run CIA ops inside Egypt. Sharia is all the rage in the Islamic countries.  Hillary has a 'thing' about seeing women in the middle east run-rough in this way.