Plot Thickens Around Media Matters David Brock

A dangerous man lurks among us. His name is David Brock. Brock spends all his waking hours conjuring devious ways to smear, spin, intimidate, and spread disinformation. Brock's motives are known only to him.

The euphemistic website Brock runs is called Media Matters. The mission and work of Media Matters has been steeped in a secretive efforts to undermine Fox News primarily. Fox News, of course, is the wildly popular media outlet that is one of the few that actually reports in an unbiased way. This infuriates the troubled Mr Brock.

Now we find the nefarious David Brock cornered by an ex-boyfriend.

Brock made an out of court settlement of $850,000 in order to avoid release of damaging information involving Media Matter's donors and IRS dealings. Brock says homosexual domestic partner William Grey made repeated threats to expose him to the "scorn or ridicule of his employees, donors and the press in demanding money and property." Brock later characterized the settlement payment as "blackmail."  Mr Grey was apparently jilted when Brock started to date another man - restaurateur James Alefantis.

Brock has since counter-sued Mr Grey in an effort to recover the money.

In the end, the tawdry life of David Brock will unwind, and the public will be treated to a grand dose of truth in regard to the hardcore left-wing menace that pervades certain quarters of the nation. The Daily Caller is doing an investigative report on David Brock.  For more visit

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