Israel Attacks Iran: What Then?

The 'leaks' about Israel's imminent attack on Iran are not an accident. Obama and Panetta have tried to muscle Israel into letting themselves be attacked first - no dice.

Charles Krauthammer is the smartest political commentator in the circus tent.

Charles noted, “I think it’s fairly certain the Israelis are going to attack or you would not have had this don’t say that unless...the Israelis...are going to do this even if they...are getting a signal from the United States not to do it.”

Krauthammer also refers to the 'zone of immunity' which is Iran having reached critical mass in the amount of weapons-grade uranium processed.  Israel expects Iran to then hide the material in a bunker so deep no known weapon can reach it. Of course, Krauthammer is right, and zero-hour has arrived.

Krauthammer also notes that Israel is not responsible for any ancillary effect an attack will have on the world, or on Obama and his election. Israel must protect Israel - not oil prices, or the faltering Europeans, or Obama, or any other reason anti-Israel haters might rationalize.

The attacks will produce new chaos in the middle east. The 'Arab Spring' has, as predicted, turned into an 'Arab Cold War' where radical Islam fills the vacuum left in Libya, Egypt, and soon Syria.

Any use of nuclear weapons, or release of radiation from an attack will raise tensions worldwide. And it will drive up the price of oil for the balance of the year.

Obama thinks a tick-down in the jobless rate keeps him in office, but voters know better. Obama has not planned for outcome that spikes oil prices. He has blocked drilling, halted pipeline supplies of oil and wasted billions on bankrupt green ventures. When the next phase of recession comes, Obama will be utterly responsible for it.

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