Judge Rigs Own Traffic Tickets

The 'dumb' criminal shows are numbing to watch. Usually it's an overweight burglar falling thru a ceiling then waiting for the cops to show up. Or the mugger that randomly picks on an off-duty cop.

But when a District Court judge decided to pull a Ferris Bueller by changing her traffic tickets and fines hacking into court computer systems the whole definition of dumb criminal has to be reworked.

Judge Kelly Ballentine, 43, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was hit with two parking tickets and a third for the registration - totaling $268.50.

The judge got the tickets zipping around in a BMW inside her own jurisdiction. After 30 days passed, court summons were sent out.  At that point, judge Ballentine allegedly accessed the Pennsylvania Magisterial District Judicial system and dismissed the both summons and tickets.

Ballentine was arraigned and released on $25,000 bail. Charges include conflict of interest, public records tampering and obstruction charges. All toll she faces about 70 years jail time.

Chicago was just voted most corrupt city. Ballentine, if convicted, should easily win dumbest sitting judge - who else can even come close?