Ten-Year-Old Discovers 'new molecule'

The beauty of an 'empty' mind innocently accepting a solution simply because it 'looks better' is a special thing.

Science is the pursuit of truth, but is often muddled by humans with preconceived, often biased motivation. The 'science' of global warming is a grand example of the 'herd' cooking up error ready to explode in a defensive collective howl when challenged. But truth will not be denied.

A kid at Border Star Montessori School discovered a new molecule because she 'liked' how the atoms fit together. Clara Lazen, 10, of Kansas City was piecing together plastic atoms from a kit while in class.

'I just saw that these go together more,' Clara explained holding up her molecule's model. 'Like, they fit more together and they look better. And all the holes have to be filled in for it to be stable.'

Clara showed her teacher, who in turn handed it over to a PhD of Chemistry at Humboldt State University in California. Viola! The professor verified that indeed, the molecule Clara pieced together had never been seen before.

 The new molecule may find its way into practical uses provided a synthesize can be done.

Ah youth. Ever ponder which of the millions of aborted kids may have eventually discovered a cure for cancer, or a way to travel the stars? Liberals never consider that paradox, smart as they claim to be, notice that?