File iPhone Cupholder Under Bad Idea

A week ago the Angle covered an absurd kiddie potty fitted with an iPad.  Today a Dutch company has announced yet another idiotic attempt to tailgate on an Apple product.

Voila!  Cast your eyes on the iPhone cupholder complete with counter-balance and a case that lets you mount it on your belt.  The message?  Texting can't wait, not even for a cup of latte.

Natwerk (translated 'not gonna work') spokesman Kristian van Kuijk said: 'We thought it would really be handy especially for people that text, Twitter or Facebook a lot while drinking wouldn't work if you use your phone for calling, but you wont be needing two hands then either.'

You won't be needing two hands for what? Gripping a scalding hot cup of coffee while texting that urgent tweet?

Ever heard the phrase a solution looking for a problem?  Well, the Dutch just reinvented it.  It might be time for the Nederlanders to go back and work on their levees instead.