Oprah's Foreskin Problem

Protestors in Canada are planning to disrupt Oprah's appearance in Vancouver because she endorses SkinMedica, a face cream made from the circumcision foreskin remnants of newborn males.

Vancouver 'foreskin awareness' activist Glen Callender wants Oprah to fess up. Glen says Oprah campaigns against 'female circumcision' in Africa - a mutilation performed by Muslim fathers to make sure their daughters never enjoy sex.

Does Glen have a point?  No.

SkinMedica says it's true the company 'harvests' stem cells from a chunk of foreskin, but they are using a single, original lump of tissue taken 20 years ago. The company says they are not scouring hospital dumpsters looking for more.

Glen says he doesn't care, 'I would like Oprah to come to her senses and realize that all children have a fundamental human right to keep all their genitalia and to decide for themselves if anything gets cut off.'

What skin does Glen really have in the game, anyway?  When did the little hoodie part of the penis protrudes qualify as genitalia? Glen needs to get a real job.

Oprah does carry a lot of weight, but she is safe on this one.

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