Restaurant Bans Stand-Up Peeing

A patron at the Edible Canada bistro said he was confronted with a sign that prohibited peeing while standing at the restaurant.

"I was surprised to see just one unisex bathroom with about six private stalls and a communal sink area...and a sign above the toilet, showing a stick man tinkling into a toilet with a line through it" noted the patron.   Where are the signs demanding lids be lifted - do they expect men to be courteous too?

The aim is to prevent men from peeing on the toilet seats, presumably.  A practice apparently often done by the cruder members of the knuckle-dragging gender.  No argument there, but how do you catch them?

Even urinal peeing present challenges as men often, in some odd ritual, dim-sightedness, or territory marking make a mess even at home.  Some men miss the urinals entirely, spraying the walls, floors; sometimes even reaching the operating handles and nearby sinks.

The Angle warns anyone trying to enforce such a ban - forget it.  Out of pure spite men will urinate over the entire toilet out of frustration. Some may even lay down a stream in cursive style penning their names on the floor on the way back to the dining room!

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