Peeing Mannequin 'sale' Pisses Off Town

Strike three for creative marketing in the town of Norwich, Norfolk UK. Shopkeeper Philip Browne's name is on the building, and the mannequin pissing on the wall is a stroke of genius. But not everyone in Norwich is amused.

The cops got a call so the mannequin has to go. It violates the 1986 Public Order Act. The Act requires all urination be done in private we are guessing.

Richard Evans an employee with a degree in creative design who did the work says, 'The main purpose is to stop people and grab their is like having an art installation...not there to offend people.'

This blogger agrees. It is creative, fun, and even makes a point. A big night out can result in a full bladder, but if you are dressed well, it adds class to the act of public urination. Doesn't it?

The guy that got pissie and called the cops is typical of the prudes that populate the planet. The snob says the district has an 'image' to protect.  Does that image involves having a corn-cob stuck up the posterior far enough that the brain stops breathing? Lighten up, dude, it's not real pee.

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