Shepherds Poisoned Biting Sheep Testicles

Warning:  It's too late you're about to learn more than you want to know about sheep and their family jewels.

Ten shepherds who took part in a sheep 'docking' event in Wyoming did NOT castrate sheep by biting off testicles with their teeth.

Still two did do the deed and got sicker than a dog.  Thus solves the mystery where the two men had shared an 'experience' leading to infection by a rare intestinal bacteria.

A deeper investigation turned up sheep that had diarrhea.  The two had pressed their lips and clamped their teeth on feces soiled wool.

The USDA quickly set into place a new rule - washing the 'woolly oysters' before wrapping lips around them for the big bite.  Ah the government, do they ever sleep?

Shepherds castrating lambs with their teeth, while not widespread, is a relatively commonplace practice. The gene pool for shepherds has never been at the higher levels of human evolution apparently..

A recent 'Dirty Jobs' TV show with host Mike Rowe documented the practice. Mr. Rowe was told by shepherds that using the mouth and teeth to get 'a better grip' on the otherwise slippery organ pair was the motivation.

Okay, that's it - I missed that show, and I bet the two guys that got sick did too.

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