25 Words Your Two-Year-Old Must Know

A good parent will not unduly pressure kids to excel.  A bad parent pushes their kids largely to satisfy a neurotic, pathetic, lack of self-achievement.

But all parents should watch for early signs of trouble. A group of researchers has a vocabulary list all two-year-old kids should command by age two.

The 25 ‘must have’ words are part of a larger list of 310 words they claim any parent can check in 10-minutes. And of the 310 words to know, 150 would be in the 'normal' kids repertoire. A 50-word limited vocabulary signals trouble.

Researchers say some kids are 'late talkers' but should still have speech skills by age three.  In all cases a parent should not wait till past age three to seek help of warranted.

Professor Rescorla, of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, tracked the progress of 78 two-year-olds for 15 years.

Late-talkers fared poorly in tasks that involved ‘verbal memory’. These kids had trouble listening to words, sentences, or numbers and being able to repeat them back readily. Verbal skills play prominently in all life-endeavors. Even if your chosen career is to be a relatively brain-dead Hollywood celebrity.

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