Tin Foil Hats Debut In New York City

Just because black helicopters, police drones, TSA scanners, and Google Earth are all 'after you' doesn't mean you have to dress like a homeless guy. 

A designer team in New York is offering a high fashion alternative to the tin foil hat so you can hide in plain sight and not embarrass your kids.

Tech artist Adam Harvey and fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield have collaborated on a line of 'anti-drone hoodies' stitched from metalized material that counters the infra-red cameras spy drones use to spot people on the ground.

Also find a shirt designed with an x-ray shielding print in the shape of a heart protecting the wearer from damaging x-ray radiation coming from TSA body scanners.

And topping the protective ponoply is a pouch for carrying mobile phones made from a special 'attenuating fabric' which blocks the same sinister signals.

Think the idea is silly? Consider the Freedom of Information lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation last year that forced the feds to reveal there are over 63 active drone sites around the U.S.

Sometimes they really ARE after you.

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