Women In Combat: Naked, Stinky And Dead

Obama's 'progressive' move to turn the military into a gay and women's summer romp at Yosemite Park has gotten the attention of a few vets.

‘Marines [got] dysentery from the complete lack of sanitary conditions. When an uncontrollable urge hit a Marine, he would be forced to stand, as best he could, hold an MRE bag up to his rear, and defecate inches from his seated comrade's face,’ one combat Marine recounts.

‘My unit stood there in a walled-in compound in Baghdad, naked, sores dotted all over our bodies, feet peeling, watching our suits burn. Later, they lined us up naked and washed us off with pressure washers,’ he continued.

Women can probably do all of that too. The bigger question is why would they want to...

Warfare is not a new idea, and it won't be going away anytime soon. So let's bring the women in and see how well they fit in the body bags - and we all thought women were smarter.