Jimmy Carter Legacy of Folly, Fanatics, and Failure

Jimmy Carter was and still remains a friend to dictators worldwide.

Carter even teamed up with radical groups like Hamas since his failed presidency in the late 70s ended.  Until Obama took his place in the cellar of presidential dregs, Carter had held that position.

Carter, 86, was to arrive in Havana on Monday for a three-day trip "to learn about new economic policies and the upcoming (Communist) Party congress...," said a statement from Carter spokeswoman.

Cuba ultimately added to Carter's re-election woes when the Cuban government, then led by Fidel Castro, allowed 125,000 boat people to flee to the United States, flooding Florida with illegals.

Carter is set to go to North Korea soon, a country that has nuclear weapons today thanks to him.

Carter's legacy:
  1. Invited Robert Mugabe to the White House in 1980 and fully supported this dictator's rise to power in Rhodesia.
  2. Aided Marxist Sandanista Daniel Ortega rise in Nicaragua.
  3. Urged the Shah of Iran to release radicals from prison who subsequently deposed him leading to radical Iran of today. 
  4. Instrumental in the rise to power of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
  5. Gave light water reactors to Marxist dictator Kim Jung Il of North Korea.
  6. Negotiated a failed arms control treaty with Leonid Brezhnev which showed weakness leading to the USSR attacking Afghanistan.
  7. Fought Congress to restore military aid to Turkey who soon after attacked Cyprus. Turkish occupation forces remain there to this day.
  8. Opposed a UN call to impose sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa. The delay caused thousands to die.
  9. When Zaire rebelled against their brutal and corrupt dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, Carter ordered the U.S. air force to fly in Moroccan troops to crush the popular uprising and save the regime.
  10. Was a strong supporter of Philippine dictator Fernando Marcos, Pakistani General Zia al Huq, Saudi King Faud and many other dictators. 
  11. Began NAFTA development, passed CRA which with Subprime at Fannie Mae led to today's housing crash.
  12. Handed Reagan an economy with annual inflation rate of 12%, a jobless rate of 8%, a weak dollar, a doubling of the debt, and a prime rate of 18%.
  13. Gas lines, a weakened dollar because Carter had not addressed foreign oil dependency.  Carter's solution to his oil crises was to demand the public turn down their thermostats.
Carter has been spending the last two decades attacking the US in books and on camera. And now his grandson is playing gotcha politics.