Seat Belts Are Baby Killers

Car safety in it's current form is a two-edged sword.  People have been lulled and even conned into thinking seat belts and airbags make a safer ride.

Eight-month-old Tabitha Markle was declared dead after firefighters were unable to cut the infant loose from her seat after her family's SUV plummeted through thin ice on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. Little Tabitha's mother and 2-year-old sister escaped and swam ashore.

Isolated or freak accident?  Hardly.

Airbags are so dangerous to kids that the law now requires them to be seated in the back.  Retraction failure and unlatching are common seat belt malfunctions. And since seat belts restrict movement many defeat them by creating slack reclining the seat a bit or wearing the belt portion only.

Seatbelts also fail to prevent ejection in at least 25% of rollovers. And of course if the crash is severe seat belts snap your spine and neck as they pin just a portion of your body to the seat. And finally these devices often cause some drivers to take extra risk and drive more wrecklessly because they think they are 'protected' from severe injury.

So whats the alternative? Well you get fined for not wearing them. And you can't even turn off the airbags at all.  Maybe the answer is to drive defensively and always be sober?

Note people accept 50,000 deaths per year on the highways yet get crazy over handguns which kill less than 3,000 and that includes police shooting perps. Is Dianne Feinstein introducing a bill today to ban cars too?

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