Drunk Fiance Runs Over Man After Naked Romp

A young soon to be married couple from the desert area near Victorville, CA were drunk, naked and had just finished doing the nasties when tragedy struck.

Alberto Giovanni Bravo, 30 jumped from the Honda Civic both occupied at around 1 AM and started to walk in front of the car. His unnamed fiance scooted her naked rear into the drivers seat and stepped on the gas.

Alberto rolled violently onto the hood. His fiance panicked slamming on the brakes and darted at an angle crossing the street striking a fence.

The California Highway Patrol arrived and had Alberto airlifted to get critical hospital care.

'Part of this investigation is of a sensitive nature and still under investigation,' said CHP spokesman Matt Hunt. 'Until that portion of the investigation is cleared up, we will be holding off on releasing the name.'

The 'sensitive' part is about the cops trying to figure out what the two were doing and why they were both naked and drunk running around in the middle of the night. On top of the obvious problems Alberto's fiance with multiple charges of Driving While Naked, Driving While Drunk and Driving Over A Fiance.

Many, many, many errors in judgement surround this brazen case.

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