Woman To Birth Neanderthal Baby

Eaten your Sunday breakfast yet?   No?  Close the Angle and finish your eggs first, this story will put your off your dog food for a few weeks.

George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School, says he can clone a Neanderthal.

Prof Church told Der Spiegel, 'I have already managed to attract enough DNA from fossil bones to reconstruct the DNA of the human species largely extinct. Now I need an adventurous female human.'

George has a pretty bad case of 'bored with people' syndrome. He fantasizes a 'superior' Neanderthal clan, hairy backed, unable to speak, shuffling-slobbering, stone-aged mental midgets ready to takeover in the NFL. These creatures, in George's twisted universe would offer an alternative to the mess we humans have made.   Sorta like a reverse of Hitler's Aryan Super Race project.

Hey George did you know Neanderthal's idea of birth control was to crush infant kids skulls with a rock when food got scarce? Well, at least modern man is more antiseptic killing them BEFORE birth.  And besides we still have Bill Maher, Mike Tyson, Danny Glover and Al Qaeda around. They are Neanderthals right?

Herr Church needs a willing and desperate woman to take the bait and birth one of these things. Any takers ladies?

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