Fifteen Years In Seventeen Square Feet

What is the definition of landlord abuse?  In Paris it's a series of landlord owners that had the gall to collect rent from a tenant who couldn't even stand upright in a seventeen square foot closet sized apartment.

Tenant "Dominique" paid $442 a month to live in less space than the average bathroom. The only reason it was Dominique's predicament was discovered was he had a problem with the small entry door one day. The sad sack didn't know the apartment was below minimum human habitation rules.

So the current landlord is scheduled to face a judge and answer why he didn't provide at least 100 square feet and a shower as the city code requires.

And Dominique needs to ask himself why he would let fifteen years pass and not question the obvious absurdity of paying rent for less floor space and less standing room than one can find in a dumpster. A dumpster at least has room for a TV.

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