Debt Panel: Chew Toy For Tax And Spend Democrats

The panel on debt reduction is being sabotaged by the Democrats.

Republicans insist on spending cuts and Democrats are adamant to drive for massive tax hikes, and a deeper depression.

Democrats are spinning the idea of raising taxes and spending as preferable to dealing with the over $15 trillion in Obama's massive debt.

The Democrats have never negotiated in good faith and even demagogue on the Social Security and Medicare systems they have bankrupted.

The Democrats want massive defense cuts despite Obama deploying, and redeploying the military in dozens of new countries since taking office.

Odds makers call-out four scenarios.

1. Panel fails on competing partisan plans all voted down - what Dems want.
2. Panel gets small plan, falls short of $1.2 trillion min - what Dems want.
3. Panel sees a defection tipping the vote to closure - what Dems fear.
4. Panel gets leadership from Obama breaking the tie - are you kidding?

While the Senate and Whitehouse are in Democrats hands, the country continues to languish - the ploy Democrats use is not shocking, but does prove why they must be voted out of office in 2012 - all of them.

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