Ohio Sunk By Union Vote

Unions have destroyed entire industries, steel, auto, textiles - now they are destroying local, state and even the federal government.    Wisconsin narrowly missed being strangled by unions, Ohio has fallen prey to them, the Issue 2 vote went badly.

Bob Kish, an Ohio-based Republican consultant noted after today's vote, “They are going to have to either lay-off people, raise taxes, or file for bankruptcy.”.  “Long-term,” he continued, “this is going to make it hard for Ohio to remain competitive with other states … as businesses are going to look to places where it’s cheaper to do business where unions aren’t as strong.”

Blue states are underwater, taxing high, giving unions the chance to cripple competitiveness, and lose more jobs.  Business is not only off-shoring jobs to more cost-effective regions of the world, they are moving between the states looking for the best deal.  Those states that do not control the unions, and control runaway regulations, are doomed.

The new world labor market reality, where both India and China make products far cheaper than the US is not dictated by local politicians, or US based corporations.

Simple minded people voted Ohio's demise yesterday.  Any notion that union labor in the USA will magically maintain their high wage and pension levels are fantasy - let the layoffs begin.  The union rank-and-file can collectively bargain with the Dept. of Unemployment now.

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