‘Occupy Oakland’ Hosts 'Occupy My Throat' Gay Porn Shoot

An adult film company has set up a tent in the center of the “Occupy Oakland” entrenchment as prop for a new gay porn flick.

Dirty Boy Video’s “Occupy My Throat” is said to parallel Brandon Watts', co-originator of the Wall Street occupation, tawdry experiences. Mr. watts is alleged to have lost his posterior virginity in Zuccotti Park before being arrested...

The New York Observer details the opus as “homoerotic caper through the tents of Oakland’s Occupation...”.  

The porn company has reportedly contacted the 20-year-old Watts with a standing offer of an undisclosed amount of cash for a 'crack' at his next experience.

Naturally this story originates at the Huffington Post - no doubt the Huffington version will have a heroic, even defiant tone.

The Occupy crowd has no bottom-depth to their degradation.  Now we learn that the beginning of the whole thing was a rear-action attack in the middle of New York.  Inspiration leading to positive change is one thing, but a porn company footage containing explicit imagery of young men romping in encampment tents?  Yikes...

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