Illegals Suspected In 30 Border Fires In Arizona

Illegals and Mexican drug runners are suspected in starting 30 of 77 fires investigated between 2006 and 2010, according to the GAO. Recall John McCain being roasted for suggesting the record fires in Arizona may be due to illegals - turns out he was likely right.

"Only 18% of fires on federal land during the five-year study period were actually investigated, and thus, the number and size of fires linked to illegal border crossers may actually be higher," McCain said. Obama DOJ foot dragging deliberate?

The fires may not be arson, but the risk of fire is high when illegals camp in the dessert, or on federal lands on their way to the USA. Drug runners also camp in this way, cooking in the open, always moving quickly to avoid detection, leaving fires active and dangerous.

The GAO is instructing Arizona to police known trails where illegals travel, and put the fires out for them - like California does. Astounding! Coddle and clean up after them, don't track, deport, and block them from coming in the first place.

The Obama regime continues to attack states tired of the problem, Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, and now Utah. Ironic that a president chooses to harass law-abiding Americans in favor of enabling, protecting, and encouraging the flow of illegals.  Obama thinks illegals are a vast voting block, remember, the Democrats don't risk a level playing field, they are fine with voter fraud.