"Hanging Man" To Remain Hanging In "Hangtown"

California gold rush country saw plenty of Wells Fargo stage  robberies, 'killin's', and mayhem.   Perps were dispatched quickly in Placerville - just outside of Sacramento, CA., once sentenced to death by hanging, in public, in the streets, in the middle of town.

For decades, the Hangmans Tree Bar had a hanging-man effigy dangling in front of the boozery.  The tradition began during the1930s and lasted until the bar closed a few years ago.

Residents forgot about the symbol of the town, and the bar, until last Halloween, when a new dummy was dressed, hung, and left to dangle outside the building where a Historic Monument plaque has been affixed, noting the history of the town, and the old bar itself.

Some are upset of course, the cowards who want history repressed. The city council said they have "no intention of whitewashing our history," adding that the "Hangtown Dummy" is "an accurate portrayal of a small part of our history, not who we are today."

Here here...finally a little backbone from a California city - resisting the left-wing history revisers is a dangerous, yet heroic act.  We give Placerville ("Hangtown") a three-gun salute and encourage readers to visit the place - the leadership in the town understand that pride in the past is more valid than any attempt to rewrite or ignore events, which by today's politically correct hypocrisy, seem too tawdry to remember.