'Jet Man' Human Jet Flies In Formation With Swiss Fighters

A stunning video shows a man with a small wing attached to his back, and a jet for propulsion attached to his ass flying in formation with a pair of jet fighter planes, cruising over the Alps.

The same guy, Yves Rossy, A Swiss air force engineer for 17 years, also flew over the Grand Canyon in Arizona using the same gear - of his own design and making.

The jet suit holds four engines giving Rossy a top speed 200kmph (124mph).  The wingspan measures 2m (6.5ft) providing him with balance and lift.

Rossy has not always had fun doing these flights, he famously crashed into the Straits of Gibralter earlier in the year.  But he did manage to fly across the English Channel!. 

So.  Is the ultimate fighter jet just a guy in a suit, with a pair of SAMs attached to his hips?  A kind of 21st century version of the gunfight at the OK Coral?

My question is more mundane, what does this guy do if he has to take a leak flying over long stretches of water?  Like jet fighter pilots in regular aluminum cockpits, he likely carries a colostomy bag - but at altitude, a frozen bag of urine would have to hurt.