House Ethics Panel Racist?

The House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation into Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA).

The committee will determine if Ms. Richardson violated House rules when she pressured her congressional staff to work on her campaign - a clear violation ethics.

Richardson’s investigation is the fourth probe involving a black lawmaker launched this year. Reps. Maxine Waters (D-CA.) and Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) are also under investigation.  And Charlie Rangel (D-NY) did get censured for his corruption.  As expected, all of these perps have charged racism as the motive - the race card the last resort of a coward, of course.

The probe comes at a tough time for Richardson, who is running in a redrawn district that pits her against Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA), who replaced Dem. Jane Harman earlier this year after Harman resigned under her own pall of corruption in an espionage scam.

Nancy Pelosi's theme of draining the swamp in the 2006 midterms was apparently a dirty-trick played on the voters.  Pelosi obviously had increasing the size of the swamp in mind - and became the queen of the party of corruption in the process.

The real question becomes, will voters get wise to the Democrats?  Will they pay attention?  One year from today we will have the answer to these important questions.

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