Grover Norquist: Occupiers ‘...helpful in 2012′

“The Occupy Wall Street,” said Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, “is a tremendous asset and it’s a movement that I think will be very helpful in the 2012 elections, and I think it’s a mistake to interfere with them continuing to annoy middle class Americans.”.

Norquist is the Tea Party energy behind holding the line on spending, and taxes.  Grover is a thorn in the side of Democrats who want to raise taxes,and continue to spend recklessly - you know, as they have been doing since Pelosi and Reid took control of the congress in 2006.

A few days ago, a band of 'millionaires' gathered in a room in the halls of congress to tout the Buffet Hypocrisy - 'raise my taxes, not really', mantra.

Norquist suggested they write a check to one of the “Tax Me More” funds or support the “Buffett Rule Act of 2011.”.  Shockingly, they all refused, as they had also refused the Daily Caller's on-the-spot request to send in checks to the IRS.  Talk is cheaper, right?

The Occupy Movement is an easy to spot hypocrisy. The demands coming from OWS include free college, and forgiveness of debt - along with trillions for trees, and new union busy-work jobs similar to the trillions already wasted in the Obama stimulus.

So, Grover makes an excellent point - while the Occupy goofs are in the streets, costing taxpayers millions in police overtime, and cleanup work, voters, that is, those in the top 50% that actually pay income taxes are getting frustrated.

The longer the Occupiers make their noise - the more frustrated taxpaying voters will become, and remember, both Obama and the Democrats endorse this added waste. So, let them do their thing - it keeps reminding the voters why the US is bankrupt, and who is responsible for the mess.

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