GOP Virginia Win Previews Obama's 2012 Defeat

The midterms were the opening volley, the election last Tuesday a crushing broadside.  For the first time in all of American history, swing state Virginia has given a 2/3rds majority to Republicans in their state house - despite Democrat Party gerrymandering efforts earlier this year.

The GOP incumbents also hung on to give them control of all three branches of Virgina government - a resounding defeat for Obama who carried the state in 2008, and who launched fully 1600 events in Virginia in the last few months in an attempt to preserve the state for 2012.

Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania must be carried by Obama to stay in office.

Ohio's union victory seemed to support Obama - but though the union controlled state turned back the loss of  collective bargaining, Ohioans also rejected tax hikes in school districts across the state.  Unions have locked in mass layoffs in a Pyrrhic victory.

Ohio also defeated the Obamacare Mandate - this outcome reiterates Obama's central 'accomplishment' being roundly rejected by voters nationwide.  If Obama won in Ohio the victory looks oddly empty, and a disaster for his allies - the unions.

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