Wall Street Bonuses Plunge

While the hypocrite left-wing celebrities rush into the Occupy show masquerading as a 99% while enjoying their posh, mufti-millionaire 1% lifestyles, the demon Wall Street rank-and-file are hit'n the skids a bit this Christmas.

Corporate bonuses are expected to plunge as much as 30% this year compared to 2010, according to Johnson Associates.  Bond market bankers the hardest hit, with compensation expected to plunge 35% to 45%.

Even the demon bankers and the nasty bond traders are getting hit, although, they do have jobs, at least for now.

The market roller coaster is due to the chaos Obama has created with his mixed message of corporate bashing, and then taking money from Wall Street in the backroom.  Europe is finally crashing around its socialism, the excess spending has finally caught up with Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, and eventually the UK and Germany.

The Occupy goofs have it all wrong, but they are not thinking people, they are the 'useful idiots' bought and paid for by those that want to see Europe's mistakes repeated in the USA.  The old saw "bite the hand that feeds you" seems to work for Obama, but not for the vagrants who are throwing urine on cops, and carrying water for George Soros.