Mississippi Vote: Fertilized Egg Starts Life?

Mississippi on Tuesday will be the first state in the USA to define a fertilized egg as the beginning of life - of a human being.

The "personhood amendment" to the state constitution is a new tactic by pro-lifers.  Pro-abortion defenders have long held that life begins at some nebulous stage after birth.  And even then, some states allow post-birth abortions, an especially insidious form of the dark art.  

A move of the needle back to conception will levy a death-blow to 'abortion on demand' in the long run - this explains the ferocity of the fight. 

The Mississippi win would bolster similar efforts in Florida, Ohio and Colorado. Backers say the ultimate goal is overturning Roe v. Wade, later at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Advocates say the initiative would not bar in-vitro fertilization but would prevent unused embryos from being destroyed, a practice used today in stem-cell harvesting.  Fetal stem cells are no longer needed, but this has not stopped abortion advocates from insisting on doing them.

The practice of abortion, of course, pivots on the derived right to privacy concocted in the Roe .v. Wade decision.  History will not look kindly on our time - over 60 million kids have been terminated since the decision, and the 'creep' to kill kids at later and later stages, and under more and more absurd circumstances has been taking place.

We need a new way to look at this problem.  Sterilization for repeat 'aborters' is certainly a rational way to reduce the carnage, but the hypocrisy of the issue requires advocates to ignore the obvious, that life is being snuffed, and the 'rights' of the women having abortions trumps that life.

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