Protestors To 'Occupy' Retailers On Black Friday

Occupy is morphing into some serious commerce killing now, the latest is a full-frontal attack on the biggest sale-day in the year, but only for a select few companies (see list at Stop Black Friday website).

"The idea is simple, hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits, " states the malcontents.

The goal is to dent sales, and to drill home the point that in the middle of a depression, why not make it deeper and wider, why not kill jobs, after all, who needs them, certainly not the Occupiers!

Rumored also is that the Occupy goofs are looking to shut down California ports.  Modeled, we presume, after the fiasco in Oakland.  Of course, these knuckleheads don't connect jobs, tax revenues, and even foundations, and scholarships to the companies they want to harm.

They try to make a distinction between 'small business', and the large, evil, greedy, boogey-man companies they deem as especially worthy of harm.  Here is a short list:

Abercrombie & Fitch
AT&T Wireless
Burlington Coat Factory
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dollar Tree
The Home Depot
Neiman Marcus
Toys R'Us
Verizon Wireless

Notice the theme here?  Most of these companies are sans unions....or have unions that are weak.  But the really fun part is, there seems to be no limit to the lunacy-of-harm the Occupiers desire, and no limit to the ways they dream up to cut their own umbilical chords.

Bonus revelation, this blogger claims this entire episode is not secretly based on a selfish motivation - to avoid paying obligation, such as student loans.  Since the OWS demand list doesn't seem to be taken seriously, the fun new idea is to simply stop paying the loans, regardless of an adult arrangement with debtors.

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