Paul Ryan The Lion From Janesville

Mitt Romney's executive judgement appears solid as illustrated by his selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate.

No need to go over the horrendous failures of Obama/Biden.  Let's take a look at who Paul Ryan is and what it means for Romney to pick him.

Ryan is from Wisconsin, a fifth generation native and seven term congressman from Janesville, WI.  Ryan has a degree in Economics.  Ryan was appointed the youngest member of congress to ever serve as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. 

Ryan was already at the center of what the 2012 election is all about - the crushing debt and deficits accrued by the Obama regime.  Ryan's budget is a heroic and fair start to what will be the central argument not only in the crucial 2012 election, but offers voters an utterly clear choice about the near future of the nation.

Friends call Ryan a 'regular guy.'  Ryan is intelligent and serious - a debt killer, a real live fighter for fiscal sanity.  But most important, Ryan has the numbers on the economic mess Obama has made worse, and comes with solutions not just empty political rhetoric.   

Will voters chicken out and allow Obama to continue mounting debt and destroying the private sector?  Or will voters choose, like the voters in Wisconsin, and the voters in the midterms, to begin working on the correct solutions and stop the bleed?

The Paul Ryan choice signals a Romney presidency 180 degree turned from the destructive course Obama has forged.  Ryan will be demonized of course, the guy is the real deal and the Obama/Biden screw-up team wants you to stay until the end.

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