Red Ink Race: Obama $16T States $4T

Code Pink is running around Tampa dressed as hairless vaginas.  Nevermind, Obama and the states are drowning in red ink.

Obama's debt is well known and a disgrace, but did you know the states collectively have over $4 trillion in the red stuff too?

And among the 50 states (no its not 57 states Barry) California, of course, has nearly a quarter of that failure running a whopping $614 billion of the red stuff!

The worst five states drowing in debt are California, New York ($300 billion), Texas ($286 billion), New Jersey ($282 billion), and Illinois ($271 billion).   Notice all are blue except Texas.

California is a laugh.  Not in the sense we revel in their misery.  But in the way California has self mutilated. Democrats have run the legislature since the 1970s.  The very guy that put unions into state government was Jerry Brown back in his first two terms. Deja vu, Jerry is back!

Now Jerry is asking Californians to raise their own taxes, again.  California already has the highest state income taxes, and the worst business climate in the nation.  If Californians do not vote to raise their taxes even higher in November, $10 billion in automatic cuts will kick in wiping out whats left of California schools.

Anyone else think there is a relationship between blue state California and blue Obama's regime?

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