Rational Democrats And Ardent Conservatives

Has the hour arrived?  Are there enough American Patriots from all sides able to join forces to rally and save the nation? Are we finally ready to get serious?

November 2012 is as pivotal as the election of Lincoln in 1860.  That election ended the grip of the party of slavery - the Southern Democrats. The election of 2012 may likewise mark the final end to the disastrous super-majority of Democrats in 2008 that led the country into the abyss.

We need rational Democrats and ardent conservatives to join forces and elect Romney and Ryan.  We need common sense to regain a foothold in the country.  We need to get back to work and stop the nonsense and false direction.  We can only do all of that TOGETHER.

And from there stop indulging in demagoguery, flagrant policies, and class/race warfare.  Instead, begin to repair our deeply damaged country by growing-up and working on the problems in an open and straightforward way.   Are there enough of us left to rise above the background noise and get it right?