Mitt Romney: One Term Wonder

Mitt Romney will be a one-term president?  Huh?  Mitt Romney will defeat Obama and will use his one term as president to 'do the right things' that will result in his defeat in 2016.  In fact, Romney may well choose not to run in 2016 at all, but why...

The USA is in deep doo-doo.  Few rational thinking people dispute the obvious.  A perfect storm of an aging economy coupled with a left-wing assault on the very essence of what made the country great - self-determination and innovation is wrecking the dream.  The aftermath of Obama's disastrous presidency is massive debt, poverty, and a near fatally wounded country-core.

To repair or even stop the bleed the next president will be required to grab (not just touch) the third-rail (entitlements), pull down decades of social engineering and blocks to business (regulations), and slash the size and power of the federal government itself.  Any and all of these things will mean political suicide, and Mitt likely knows it.

Some in Mitt's campaign are making comparisons between what they think Mitt will do and what James K Polk did.   Polk promised he would serve just one term.

Polk's achievements were monumental.  During his one term he beat Britain out of land claims in the Oregon territories.  He won the Mexican-American war subsequently annexing Texas, California, New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest.  He got the Walker tariff of 1846 thru, which created a boom in pre-civil war commerce in the South. he established an independent treasury system that lasted until 1913.  In addition, he oversaw the opening of the US Naval Academy, Smithsonian Institution and the groundbreaking of the Washington Monument.  Finally, he engineered the first minting of a US postage stamp.

In short, Polk got it all done, even winning a major war...then got out.  Romney will do the same thing, only this time the war is internal and far more critical to win.

Romney Energy Plan: USA Independent By 2020