The Good The Bad The Ugly States

What makes a state a great place to live, and what makes a state a miserable crud-hole trapping residents in a life-style spiral of not wanting to get up in the morning?

Note the map. Gallup got one state wrong - California.  California is sinking faster than the Titanic and those left living there will be gutted of  their property, jobs, and general sense of well-being.  City by city, home by home California is doomed.

Now on to what Gallup came up with - the good, bad, and don't touch that among the states.  Gallup polled residents on their optimism, jobs, quality of life/water/meds, and satisfaction at work (if working at all).  The rankings largely reflect those states taking it in the rear on foreclosures, fat asses, red-ink, and eroding economic factors.

The best state is Utah.  Mormons have it figured out and they don't mind sharing with others.  If you want to live among happy people, find a decent job, get treated well at work, and beat the odds on how you feel about life in general - move to Utah and get happy feet.

The worst state is West Virginia.  Obama has targeted WVa ferociously by ripping out their heart and coal industry.  Residents of WVa have every reason in the world to teeter on depression and despondency.  The EPA signed that state's death warrant by targeting coal for extinction.  And they succeeded.

So, unless you can afford to leave the country entirely, maybe this list will help steer you to where the grass is a little greener among the pie pieces of the USA we affectionately call - the various States.

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