Clint Clips Obama Media Pit Bulls Pounce

Clint Eastwood's one-man show at the RNC was a big hit - on Obama.

Conservative Eastwood turned to an 'empty' chair on stage chiding an apparition of Obama for failing to avert the record poverty, job losses, and debt that will be Ofail's legacy.

If there is one thing the hate-steamers understand it's the power of an iconic Hollywood celebrity like Clint Eastwood breaking out of the Stalinistic ban on poking fun at Obama.

Bashing Bush is allowed, sure but no one is to touch the Messiah.  And for four long, cold, dark years that's how it's been. Until last night.

Eastwood's persona as Dirty Harry is based on an anti-authority justice-seeker.  The 'mayor' is the bumbling fool that gets it wrong, and the renegade cop Dirty Harry has to flirt with a firing to catch the bad guy and set things straight.  So when Dirty Harry goes up against Obama the picture is perfect, and the hate-streamers trot out their vitriol in quick fashion.

Clint managed to sting Obama and the hate-streamers in just the right way, and at just the right time pissing them off like only Dirty Harry could do.

The audience was primed for what came next.  Romney's perfect acceptance speech and spot-on answers to Eastwood's charges.  As Clint well noted, the USA belongs to we the people, and the current goof in the whitehouse has not been a good caretaker.

So today the hot-head Obamabots are vomiting on their own shoes scrambling to do damage control.  Swell.

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