Romney-Ryan Freight Train Runs Over Obama

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are forcing the smear-mongering Obama to face his failures this week.  The subject is the economy, and entitlements.  And Obama is finally facing a little music, finally.

Ryan is at The Villages today with his 78-year-old mom. Ryan's solution for mom's Medicare is to split the system so that those 55 and older are untouched, and reform the rest so those 55 and younger will be able to have something similar when they retire.  In short, a solution, rather than a theft - as Obama's $750 billion buck raiding to feed Obamacare is doing.

Romney's over-arching economic plan is well detailed and has been endorsed by some 400 economist.  Almost everything Obama has done TO the economy has resulted in the not unexpected crushing of economic activity.  And let's face it if Obama were hired in the private sector to do this job, he would be getting his own pink-slip, like millions have been handed since the goof took office.

What will Romney do differently?
  • Cut marginal and corporate taxes (just like JFK did in 1961)
  • Cut federal spending to 20% or less of the GDP - start winding down deficits
  • Cut regulations to end federal bailouts and federal constraints on business
  • Put Social Security and Medicare back into solvency
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare to correctly make healthcare cheaper
  • Open drilling and overall energy development, finally
So when you hear Ofail's smear machine distort what Romney is proposing just pass this blog to your friends, facts always trump fantasy - something Liberals really hate.

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