Obama Whines Michelle Needs A Paycheck

Just how disconnected is Obama from reality?  The nation is suffering more now than during periods of the Great Depression, yet the noodle-head in the whitehouse seems cruelly indifferent wasting time lying and smearing his challengers.

Obama steals $700 billion from Medicare to prop up his hated health law and fully expects seniors to react negatively to Paul Ryan and not him when told Medicare and Social Security are in financial trouble.

Obama's hubris is reflected in off teleprompter remarks dissing small business owners - though Obama has never owned or run one himself.  And now Obama wants Manchelle to be given a paycheck?  What?

Why would taxpayers pay Manchelle? Well, Manchelle did decorate the whitehouse, or at least she hired others to do it.  And Manchelle showed up at a Disney World staged rally to bend over a few times for obesity.  Lest we also not forget, Manchelle did attend the Olympics in London for a month, highlighted by the first-vacationer giving a group hug to the mostly all-black US basketball team.  Oops. Almost forgot, Manchelle has also done a lot of shopping gobbling up $7,000 coats and $500 shoes - who has the time...

So there you have it...  Manchelle is on the job without pay.  She joins 100 million Americans who are also still waiting for a paycheck after four years of Obama failure.  But is there injustice here?

Remember, Manchelle has also taken a half dozen million buck junkets on the taxpayers. And the whole Obama family gets fed, meds and housing on taxpayer dime. Did Obama intend for those perks to be subtracted from her pay envelope?

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