Yahoo: Romney ‘Happy...Black People Drown’

ABC, NBC, CNN & Yahoo News - the hate-stream media are peeing in their coffee over the RNC convention.  Pulling their collective pants down around their collective ankles and taking a collective dump on their collective shoes..

What came out of David Chalian's (Chief Of Yahoo News)  mouth near a hot mic was pure sphincter spew. Chalian said, Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown.’

The quip made in a fit of ignorance naturally.  Hurricane Isaac passed Tampa before the RNC proceedings proceeded.

Ofired has been campaigning uninterrupted. Obama is mooning voters in Virginia today as New Orleans is being soaked in century-record rainfall.

And NBC is pretending to cover the convention by editing out GOP minority stars like Utah's Mia Love and the newly minted ex-Democrat, ex-Obama ally Artur Davis.  Remember, NBC spins news, they don't report it.  So we have to assume black and Hispanic conservatives are inconvenient for them.

Well, no need to get too hyped over fascists in the left-wingers media.  We defeat them along with Obama in November - together.   And if they don't wanna stick around for Romney's first term they can pack up their GM Volts and move to Mexico.

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