Down's Girl Faces Execution For Qur'an Burning

Ah, Islam...  Pakistan was born because Islamics tore up India after independence.  Ever since, Pakistan and India have faced-off in a nuke arms race of their very own.

Pakistan is not a pal, and not much of a country, either.  The place is crawling with blood thirsty Islamo-fascist knuckleheads.

Obama makes no secret he likes these guys.

Pakistan's Islamics are frothing extra foamy today.

An 11-year-old Down's Syndrome girl is facing the death penalty.  Furious mobs of Muslim locals crowded outside the home of the little Christian girl Rifta Masih after she 'allegedly' burned part of an Islamic holy book - the Qur'an.

Pakistani cop, Zabi Ullah, said today the girl was arrested and has been held for 14 days while authorities investigate. And guess what?  She didn't have a burned Qur'an!

Angry Islamic mobs have often beaten and killed people who are accused of violating the blasphemy laws - the goofy laws that place the Qur'an above a human life. Oddly, the little girl's arrest is largely for her own protection, but imagine this confused, mentally challenged child's trauma?

Anyone surprised there is good reason to fear Sharia Law cropping-up it's ugly head ANYWHERE inside the USA?

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