Russians Ban Transexuals From Turnpikes

Russia just banned transgender, transvestites, bigender, cross-dressers, hermaphrodites, pansexuals, and genderqueers from driving.

The Kremlin says those afflicted have "mental disorders" which increases the risk of car crashes.

Those bans make sense. But the commies also restrict "pathological gamblers" and "compulsive thieve's" from the roads. Which begs the question - how does one spot a "pathological gambler?"

Also, tangibly missing are Galactophiliacs (attracted to human milk), Klismaphiliacs (obessed with enemas), Harpaxophiliacs (sexual thrill from being mugged), Furries (into wearing cat costumes), and Pony Players (don't ask).

Lets face it folks, if you're gonna take trannies off the turnpikes why risk cat costume wearers weaving in and out of traffic?  And Russia wants to rule the world, as if...