Double Penis Execution

Has it been 20 years since Lorena 'Gallo' Bobbitt sliced off John Wayne Bobbitt's vagina miner?  Well if you missed the movie a woman in China just did the sequel.

Fan Lung, father of five made the crucial mistake of using wife Feng's cell phone to exchange juicy emails with concubine Zhang Hung.

So Feng pulled a Lorena and snipped off Fan's joystick in the middle of the night with a pair of scissors.

Surgeons were able to rewire Fan's wounded winkie. And that might have been the end, except... the still fuming Feng sneaked into Fan's hospital room and jerked-off Mr. Johnson a second time.

Feng feed it to the the saga ends there...or does it?

Feng's in jail. Ms. Hung says she'll wed Fan as soon as he can wobble again.  And men worldwide are bracing for a third schmeckel sequel...