Sheriff Supervises Spanking

Domestic abuse is a big problem in the USA.   The cops are expected to say who goes to jail and who gets the restraining order.  Worse, sometimes the officer gets shot trying to help.

Liberal social scoundrels use the explosive issue to meddle in standard child rearing practice - the use of spankings.

The unintended consequence? Responsible parents going to jail.  And their errant offspring grow up wild and feeling entitled - you know, like liberals' kids do.

A Florida dad called the sheriff New Years day to make sure the paddling of his 12-year-old daughter was proper and sanctioned.

Noel Sheriff is Sheriff of Okeechobee county who says: 'parents are seeking guidance on how to deal with their child. You are entitled to paddle your child, whether you use your hand, you use your belt or a paddle within reason as long as your paddling the buttocks.'

Sheriff Sheriff? Seriously?