Colds Come From Cold Noses

Remember how June Cleaver brow-beat the 'Beav' over his socks, plaid shirt, wool jacket, and pressed hankie?  Even on summer days?

Turns out June was wrong...the 'Beav' didn't get a cold from getting a chill, he got it from a rhinovirus rummaging around a cold nose.

The rhinovirus breeds in the schnoz at 91F! When your proboscis gets cold the rhinovirus rabbits down the back of your throat and sets up shop in your lungs. And since the immune system is lame and late recognizing the rhino-raid the 10-day train wreck we call a cold results.

The cure? Prevent beak temps below you do that is your problem...we already gave you enough science for one day...

Nose Blowing Fractures Skull 
The Real Rhinovirus Story